Top Tips to Capture
Perfect Food Photography

Pictures speak louder than words. When it comes to food people are very picky. A single food photo can make or break your restaurant’s social media marketing technique, or product photo and that can mean the real difference between huge sales and big losses.

When it comes to capturing perfect food photography you need to consider factors- plating, angle, lighting, and editing.

Plating or Presentation of the food

The term plating is used in the food industry to show the arrangement of food on a plate. When it comes to food photography, presentation is very important. If you want to capture food that's natural like vegetable soup or green salad, then you can choose a messy food arrangement on the plate.

Pick the right surface for photography. The wooden cutting board offers you the feeling of beautiful nature and looks great for presenting different dishes. Using white ceramic plates is the perfect way to make the food item itself pop.

Multiple Angles Photography

Some food items look better from above, from sideways, or at different angles. When taking picture of a pizza, always keep your camera above the pizza plate. For burgers, divide it in half and take photos from sideways. Always remember that in all food photography sideways angles will not give you desired results. Move around the dish and take photos at different angles to capture a perfect shot for food marketing.

Choose Natural Lighting

Maintain the color balance and texture of your dishes with good lighting. Choose natural lighting over artificial sources of lighting to ensure the perfect shot. Keep your food plate on the table so that the natural bright light comes in from the side. This works well when you are capturing food items that include different textures like burgers.

Editing Your Food Photos

Don't apply unnecessary filters or photoshop effects or make major changes to the original food pictures. Perfect shading and the right color balance will provide your food photos with a more professional feel. Ensure proper brightness, avoid shadows, sharpen the food picture, and maintain the right color balance.

Make sure that your food pictures are of high quality and meet the standards that customers expect. Your social media marketing efforts could be up or down depending on your menu photos. Whether your food business is just beginning or needs a push, a professional Food Photography Company pushes your unique brand name over the top.

Make Your Brand Unique with Food Photography

Professional food photography transforms the activity of eating into an exceptional experience. We will provide your food business with unique collection of food images that are authenticate to your brand name. Contact us today to know more about our exceptional food photography services.

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